FAQs from Tenants

Who manages the property whilst I am a tenant?

Alexander Cruickshank will manage your property and become your landlord. All points of contact will be between you and Alexander Cruickshank.

Can anyone enter the property whilst I am a tenant?

No absolutely not.  If anyone needs to access the property for any reason you will be notified in writing although, this is usually just for our six-monthly property inspection and a yearly gas safety certificate.

What is an AST?

An AST is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which is a legally binding contract between you the tenant and us Alexander Cruickshank your landlord.  Both parties have obligations during your stay in the property which are outlined in this.

Who is responsible for Utilities and Council Tax?

You the tenant are responsible for utilities and council tax unless otherwise informed by Alexander Cruickshank

What about repairs and safety?

Alexander Cruickshank are responsible for the repairs and safety of your home and you can refer to your tenant handbook about this.

I have a noisy neighbour

Alexander Cruickshank have an anti-social behaviour policy. Please refer to your tenant handbook.

The radiators are not warming up properly

In your tenants handbook you will find a troubleshooting guide to help with some common household problems.

I have lost my keys

We recommend that you get a spare set of keys cut and give them to a friend or neighbour in case of an emergency.  If you do lose your keys in office hours you can come into the office with proof of ID and a £10 deposit and get a new set cut at your expense.