What our clients say


  • “I have been with Alexander Cruickshank for over two years they have been the perfect tenant”
  • “I receive a full property inspection with photos every 6 months I know my property is in safe hands”
  • “Alexander Cruickshank pay me a competitive rent for my flat which is guaranteed!”
  • “Where else could i find a commission free service to Alexander Cruickshank’s standard”
  • “My last tenants were professionals and referred through a reputable agency but still left owing 4 months rent”
  • “We had to evict our last tenant for non payment of rent.  This took six months, was expensive and we lost a lot of rent Alexander Cruickshank have taken all the worry of this happening again away”
  • “No voids, long leases, guaranteed income AND no commission what more could a landlord want?”
  • “The only contact i have had with Alexander Cruickshank is the Property Inspection Report and receiving my rent”
  • “I am actually now in profit for the first time.  No agency fees or added expenses and fully managed!”

Property Businesses or Property Portfolio Managers

  • “My company started using Alexander Cruickshank 3 years ago.  We’ve never had any issues and now they lease a good percentage of our portfolio”
  • “My wife and I have been professional buy to let landlords for over 25 years managing the portfolio ourselves.  Alexander Cruickshank now lease most of the portfolio and we are learning to relax”
  • “The more properties Alexander Cruickshank lease from us the more time we can spend on business development and new business”
  • “I am the director of a large property investment company and have referred many clients to Alexander Cruickshank”
  • “My Brother and I have a large property portfolio much of it now with Alexander Cruickshank our arrears have reduced to near Zero”
  • “I buy one or two investment properties a year and can guarantee on Alexander Cruickshank as being a quality tenant within 7 days of completing”
  • “We are continuing to develop our relationship with Alexander Cruickshank further”


  • “My calls are always returned promptly”
  • “We are so happy with Alexander Cruickshank our previous landlord was terrible”
  • “It makes a difference to have a landlord which cares”
  • “We have been here for over three years and Alexander Cruickshank has been the best!”
  • “Everybody is so friendly and helpful”