FAQs from Investors

We have a block of flats consisting of eight one bedroom apartments and three two bedroom apartments.  Would Alexander Cruickshank be interested in leasing the whole block?

Yes absolutely.  Here at Alexander Cruickshank we are tenants to a vast array of apartment blocks.  We become your tenant guarantee your rent and manage the apartments to a our very high standard.

Our portfolio is spread accross many Boroughs and Districts in Greater London. Does this matter?

No not at all. We lease properties and are professional tenants in lots of Greater London Boroughs.

We have a large Edwardian building consisting of 12 self-contained flats. Would Alexander Cruickshank be interested in leasing this?

Yes completely. We are reliable tenants of many such buildings.

We are only looking for long term leases. I know that you offer 3 – 5 years, but would you be interested in signing longer leases?

Indeed.  In certain circumstances and with certain companies Alexander Cruickshank will lease properties for longer than 5 years.

It is important that my company only has one point of contact at Alexander Cruickshank. Can you arrange for this?

No problem.